Hi there! I'm an Art Director and Designer specializing in Retail Branding and Brand Experience based in Atlanta, GA.

I've always been passionate about Art and creativity but also had an interest in the psychology behind what makes people tick. In college, I struggled between two majors - Art and Marketing. I found their relationship pretty fascinating and ultimately, studied them both earning a BSBA in Marketing and later attended Portfolio Center in Atlanta, GA to study Design and Art Direction. 

Soon after finishing at Portfolio Center, I found myself in NYC with the opportunity to work for the amazing designer Diane Von Furstenberg. What began as an internship became a contract position and started my love affair with retail branding. My journey took me from NYC to Columbus, Ohio where I worked for Abercrombie and Fitch brands. Here, I truly fell in love with the art of package design - and was able to travel the world to create and produce beautiful packaging. When the opportunity came to work for Spanx, the south was calling me back home. Here I helped launch Spanx for Men, Spanx Active, the Assets line at Target. I created packaging for different retailers, and again produced packaging globally. I also honed in on creating environments, designing and producing showrooms for sales events across the country. 

After having my 3 kids (2 boys and a girl!), I began freelancing for several different brands and have most recently found myself in the agency world. Working on several different brands in many categories has been such a fun experience for me and has really broadened my range. I love to work on projects large and small, and nothing excites me like creating the details that make up a true and holistic brand experience. I love taking a brand or idea from its starting point and carrying the experience across several different channels and touch points.   

Let's talk! I am currently available for freelance opportunities and contract positions.